The world has moved online for convenience, social and commercial activities - you want to be there when they are looking for your products and services, also in the middle of their visual activities.


There has been a major shift in advertising dollars from the conventional platforms like print media, to online.

In an inherently disruptive world, what got you here, won’t necessarily get you there.

We provide a strategic reach to the specific market segment you are targeting.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO it’s how a website is optimized to appear in search engine results, preferably in the first page of Google search results, like when they look for certain keywords mentioned in your website whether it’s the name of the company or sector you operate in.

Social media management

We can maintain your accounts, or establish them on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Post information and images that will grow your following and add value to current followers.

Placing of Ads online

we can assist creating the ad, and put it up on the best platform to reach your targeted audience, looking at options like Google, Twitter, YouTube & Facebook etc. Ads can also be placed on any news media website and any platform that fit the market match you seek.


It’s where outgoing company e-mails have an image (Ad) on top, of anything the company wants to promote in their company.

All these strategies can drive traffic to your website where you can turn them into customers, or you can close them directly on those platforms.

There are many more creative approaches we can consider as per your objectives, and after performing a marketing diagnosis.

So, it is totally evident that digital marketing is the way to go, and in the main you need to advertise on these platforms, Google which is the search 

engine of choice for about 74.54% of internet users – Facebook which crossed the 2,130 billion mark, followed by YouTube with 1,5 billion users, then Instagram which is growing in popularity with 800 million users, lastly in that league, Twitter with 330 users – to some extent other companies see LinkedIn as relevant, which has about 530 users.

Social media is not an activity dismissed as a young people’s thing anymore, but now businesses have seen its importance in driving its revenue base.

what people say concerning the traditional approach?

People have grown tired of the traditional approach to customer services. A survey made by HeyWire Business reveals that:

  • 53 % of consumers ages 18-34 said that they’d prefer to use electronic media – email, web chat, text or social – instead of the phone for customer support.
  • 79% are frustrated with their available customer support options.
  • 31 % said it was important for text to be an available support option.

Our team has done numerous research reports in areas of digital marketing, particularly in social media for the business world, which are available upon request.

Get in contact with us in order to work with you in crafting a dynamic Digital Marketing Strategy, consider running campaigns if needed, drive traffic to your website where you can convert leads into sales.